New Music: Kaytranada, Odesza, and Mura Masa

Happy Thursday! Welcome to LUSH Space. I’ve been listening to a ton of great music lately, and had the urge to share three of my favourite artists from the summer.

I’ve been loving electronic music for a few years now, ever since I graduated high school and was introduced to more and more electronic artists. The styles among artists can be so different, and I love that a single album by a DJ can feature a variety of lyricists and singers from very different musical styles.

Kaytranada is an artist I was introduced quite recently via Spotify.

Quick rant here about how much I love Spotify and why it’s great: I’d never used a music streaming service before Spotify and always downloaded my music via torrents or—I’m about to throw it back here—LimeWire. But for $9.99 a month I can download as much music as I like, stream across all my various devices, and I’m constantly introduced to new artists and groups. I also love that Spotify creates playlists specific to what you already like and lists upcoming shows for your saved artists (for example, I learned on Spotify that Mura Masa is playing in Toronto on November 18 and guess who’s already rallying her friends for the show? This gal writing on the other side of your screen). I’ve never tried Apple Music (and would love to hear any feedback from your experiences with the service) since Spotify has always worked seamlessly for me. You can also listen to downloaded music offline as well, which is great for travelling, when you don’t want to use data, and if you’re charge is running low and you want to set your phone/device to Airplane mode. In sum, I’m a huge fan of Spotify.

Back to Kaytranada.
Kaytranada is a Canadian DJ, born in Haiti and working in Montreal (big-ups to Canadian artists!) who began his career in 2010. His music melds dance and electronic with hip-hop, and often features a variety of artists that offer lyrics to his beats. He’s currently signed with XL Recordings, and his latest album 99.9% was released in May 2016. Few albums can boast that each song is craftily created, yet this is exactly how I feel about 99.9%. There’s not one song on this album that I don’t enjoy. The album includes contributions from AlunaGeorge, Vic Mensa, Craig David, Anderson .Paak, among others. My favourite songs include “Drive Me Crazy” (featuring Vic Mensa), “Lite Spots”, “Glowed Up” (featuring Anderson .Paak), “Bullets” (featuring Little Dragon) and “Got it Good” (featuring Craig David).
Listen online at Spotify or SoundCloud


Odesza has been a favourite artist of mine for about four years—I’ve seen them live twice and am constantly looking up where and when they’ll be playing next. They’re an American electronic duo from Seattle who first appeared on the scene in 2012. They’ve released three albums so far: Summer’s Gone (2012), In Return (2014), and A Moment Apart (2017) and an EP, My Friends Never Die (2013). Each album continues to be even better than the last and A Moment Apart is my favourite yet. I always have trouble describing electronic music—but Odesza’s music can be summarized as chillwave, indie electronic, and just really, really good music that gets to you in the core. Their songs always put me in a trancelike state where I can’t focus on anything else than what’s coming out of my headphones.
Here are my favourite songs from Odesza, hopefully they’ll put you in a trancelike state too: “My Friends Never Die”, “I Play You Listen”, “Sun Models”, “It’s Only”.
Songs from A Moment Apart: “Higher Ground” (featuring Naomi Wild), “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings”, “La Ciudad”, and “Show Me”
Listen online at SoundCloud


Mura Masa makes feel-good, catchy music best described as electropop. Born in Castel, Guernsey, a British island with a population of about 9,000—which seems crazy to me as I’ve lived in Calgary, Vancouver, and now Toronto, all large Canadian cities with populations exceeding 600,000 (and over 1 million if you count the greater areas). It’s also crazy, and insanely impressive, that Mura Masa comes from such a small place considering his song “Lovesick” featuring ASAP Rocky reached the number 1 spot on the Spotify Viral Charts in the United Kingdom and the United States. He already has 3.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify and his debut album Mura Masa, released in July 2017, included six singles and received favourable reviews from The Guardian, The New York Times, and Pitchfork. My favourite songs off the album include “Nuggets” (featuring Bonzai), “Lovesick” (featuring ASAP Rocky), “What if I Go” (featuring Bonzai), and “Who is it Gonna Be” (featuring A. K. Paul).
Listen online at SoundCloud


What do you think of electronic music? If you’ve heard of these artists before I’d love to hear what you thought about them too! Enjoy the tunes and share your thoughts below.

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