Minimalist Home Decor

I recently moved from one end of the country to the other, and I can’t be more excited. Moving is super stressful, full of expected costs, and it can be hard to carve out a space for yourself in a new place but my experience has been great so far. People have been incredibly nice — and luckily I have some friends out here — and the city itself has been great to explore.

Unlike many other peoples’ experiences, I found an apartment after only a five day search. Although the space itself is teeny tiny I’m in an exciting part of downtown and couldn’t be happier with the location. I’m also super excited to decorate the space and make it my own. Although decorating can be extremely expensive, I’ve been looking for affordable ways to beautify the apartment.

4 aspects I’ve been trying to keep at the back forefront of my mind when decorating my space are earth tones, minimalism, light, and lush.



1. Earth tones
It’s important to me to keep myself surrounding by grounding colours. I’m not a big fan of bright colours, and much prefer pastels and earth tones. Colours like tan, brown, olive, sky blue, and burgundy are extremely relaxing and help create a peaceful ambience. For all my larger furnishings, like the bed frame and bookcase I’ve opted for brown-black (white will get scuffed and dirty way, way too easily). Keeping a consistent colour scheme is also really important to me. I hate the look of spaces that are too eclectic or jumbled — the aesthetic of my surroundings has a heavy impact on my mood, so for my home I want to keep a very consistent, balanced colour scheme.


2. Lush
Recently I’ve started really valuing being surrounded by plants. I find that furnishing your home with plants helps add life to your space. Between a full-time job (and probably a fun part-time bartending job), blogging, and maintaining a social life I’m not home very often, which means I can’t commit to properly taking care of plants. Plants like succulents and cacti are perfect for busy people on the go. Succulents and cacti don’t require a lot of work or effort, yet help provide a warm, cozy, and full-of-life atmosphere to your home. Investing in cute pots — I personally love small copper pots — for your plants also helps add small touches of brightness and colour to your space.


3. Minimalism
Like I mentioned above, I think the aesthetic of your surroundings has a strong impact on your mood and frame of mind. I’m a strong believer that decluttering your space can help declutter your mind. I don’t own many things and that’s how I like it, who knows when you’ll be on the move next?? Minimalist furnishing can also help make your space look even bigger, which is really important if you have a studio or small square footage (both of which apply to my new apartment). Being creative and practical about your furnishings can have really beautiful outcomes — for example, a slender coat rack, fabric storage boxes that can also be used as seats for guests (add some pillows on top to create a cozier space). Having less stuff also makes me feel much less committed to my belongings and freer to do things rather than own things.

I bought this bronze piece from Neat. Space. Edited. It’s meant to be a scarf hanger, but I’ve opted to use it to organize my jewelry, so it’s doubles as a practical and art piece.



4. Light
Whether you live in a small or large space light is key in maintaining a balanced mood. From living in Vancouver I know that when you don’t see the sun you’re much, much more likely to feel sad or depressed. I only have one window in my new studio (luckily it’s quite large) but there’s creative ways around that! Candles — especially scented candles, — fairy lights, and lamps are great ways to work around a lack of windows. A space immediately becomes transformed when there is light to brighten the settings. It makes senses, things appear sad in dim lighting whereas a bright space creates a sense of comfort and liveliness.

I also got a fur rug that I absolutely love! Not only is it super, super cozy it also makes the perfect backdrop for overhead photos.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


What are the most important parts about home decor and stylizing your space for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Minimalist Home Decor

  1. I just bought two faux burgundy colored succulents for my room. Congrats on the new apartment!! I just moved into a new apt in the beginning of Oct and it has been hard to decorate since it is so spendy. I’ve always been bad at decorating! All of these are ideas I really like though. 🙂

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