Goals: Rewind and Reevaluate

Happy Wednesday everyone! Since it’s halfway through December and I’m finally settling into my home, and my birthday is coming up, I figured this would be a good time to write a post about goals.


I’ve always had a plan. In tenth grade when I was fifteen I knew which universities I wanted to go to and what I wanted to study. At seventeen when I entered university I knew which courses I wanted to take for the next two years before even stepping foot onto the university grounds. When I graduated those plans changed a little, but I always stuck true to my schedule and my plans of travelling, working full-time, and moving to Toronto.


I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without articulating what my goals were and seeing them on a continuous basis.


My planner keeps me organised and having a list of goals to physically look at keeps me motivated and focused. I need to have a list of goals and I need to have a planner–slicing out particular chunks of time and sorting out commitments of where I need to be gives me the motivation to get up out of bed each day. Seeing my colour-coordinated responsibilities like the gym, my work schedule, and plans with my friends makes me excited about my day.


Before moving to Toronto I created a list of goals for the rest of 2017. They were:

  • Find a copy-editing, copywriting or editorial assistant job. Haven’t landed that yet but getting office experience to help me get closer to that goal.
  • Get involved in the Toronto art scene.
  • Read 2 books a month, one an advance reading copy and the other wholly of my choice. Reading only books of my choice right now (I love fiction to a fault) but, hey, this one’s pretty easy. 
  • Get into a regular gym routine. Done!


With 2018 coming up so soon I started thinking about what my goals for the new year are.

  • Stay a year within my current job and gain a year of office experience.
  • STAY in a regular gym routine
  • Save all tips! Save up $4,000 and put it away in a GIC for five years. After reaching that goal put half my tips in an RRSP and the other half towards a general savings account for an unexpected rainy day. I work as a bartender and receptionist so, technically, I have three incomes: reception paycheque, bartending paycheque, and tips.
  • Read one book per week or four per month, including at least one non-fiction. I’m not a fan of non-fiction this is a hard one for me.
  • Start investing in my clothing. I want to focus on buying quality pieces. They’ll be more expensive but I think it’s time that I stop hauling at Forever XXI and focus on purchasing fewer and higher quality pieces instead.


All these goals are achievable and realistic, yet they’ll take work and focus. They’re all things I can easily work towards but not feel so bad if I don’t achieve. Goals aren’t meant to be out of reach, far from that. They’re meant to within reach with some hard work.


Keeping these goals in a place I can see them on a daily basis reminds me why I work, and work hard at that, and what I’m working for. What helps keep you focused? I’m curious whether other people are as particular as I am in writing everything down. Have you started thinking about your goals for the new year? And if you have, what are they? Stay focused mates! And happy Wednesday!






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